Letter to the Editor

MPs should heed Veep’s advice, visit constituencies

Dear editor,
PLEASE allow me to use your paper to express my support to the Vice-President’s timely and motherly warning to the ruling party members of Parliament (MPs) Zambia Daily Mail, Saturday, 2nd June, 2018).The ‘notice’ given by the Vice-President Inonge Wina to “ lazy” PF MPs should not be taken lightly because come 2021, MPs who do not visit their constituencies to deliver on their promises should not be re-adopted.
Opposition MPs should equally take note and do the needful.
In the same vein, I wish to urge the Republican President to make it mandatory for each MP to sign a social contract with the electorate.
Social contracts will act as a bench-mark to measure the efficiency of a given MP.
Our lawmakers (those who may not have) should emulate the Kabwata MP who has a social contract for the period 2016- 2021 under the theme: ‘Working together to further develop our beloved Kabwata Constituency and our Great Nation Zambia.’
Coupled with the foregoing, I wish to say hats-off to the Honourable Speaker of the National Assembly, who has (for the first time ever) taken an initiative to visit all the Constituency parliamentary houses throughout the country (Zambia Daily Mail, June 6, 2018) so that he gets first-hand information about their operations.
This initiative will doubtlessly create a firm base for the Speaker to speak to MPs on an informed basis. Mr. Speaker, Sir, use this tour of duty to check if our honourable MPs have any sort of written undertakings between themselves and the electorate. Those who do not have should be asked to do so as a matter of policy.
Kapiri Mposhi

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