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Mpezeni re-dedicates marriage, self to God

PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni with his wife, Esther, during the re-dedication of their marriage in Chipata yesterday. PICTURE: COLLINS PHIRI

CHIPATA Diocese bishop George Lungu has urged Zambians to maintain strong family ties so that peace can continue to prevail in the nation.
Bishop Lungu said it is necessary to strengthen the family unit by way of love and tolerance by couples.
Bishop Lungu said this during a special service to bless the marriage of Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people at Feni Catholic Church yesterday.
Chief Mpezeni also re-united with the Church and re-dedicated his life to God.
The service was attended by hundreds of people including  chiefs, members of Parliament (MPs) for Petauke Central, Luangeni, Chipata Central and Chipangali , Dora Siliya, Charles Zulu (Independent), Mtolo Phiri (MMD) and Vincent Mwale (MMD), respectively.
Bishop Lungu said a chief who fears God is a great one and commended Chief Mpezeni for re-dedicating his life to God and urged other traditional leaders to emulate him.
He has since declared Saint Gabriel as a sub-parish at Feni because Chief Mpezeni has gone back to the Catholic faith.
Bishop Lungu also advised voters to “vote wisely”.
“Please vote for a person who will remember the poor and us the villagers. Vote for a person who is humble and has a heart for the under-privileged,” he said
Bishop Lungu said people must not vote for those whose interest is to use them to ascend to power.
Bishop Lungu chided husbands who torture their wives through promiscuity and drunkenness.
He said there can be no real peace if homes are broken by, mostly, husbands who are unfaithful.
“Let us enter 2015 with a new life and new love. Love your wives and husbands like Christ did,” Bishop Lungu said
He said some husbands have a habit of cheating on their wives thereby making them miserable.
“When you greet some wives, they answer back in tears, saying they are only up with the marriage for the sake of children. But it ought not to be like that. Marriage is supposed to be enjoyed because it is the pillar of peace,” Bishop Lungu said
The fiery preaching bishop also candidly took on the traditional leader, urging him to be committed to his wife and reduce taking alcohol.
“Now that you are a Christian, reduce on beer and you will be drinking the blood of Christ and no longer the blood of bulls.” Bishop Lungu said.
Ngonis drink blood during certain occasions such as N’cwala.
The clergyman said chiefs and other leaders are merely shadows of the real king, who is God.
Bishop Lungu said Chief Mpezeni is expected to live a Christian life now that he has dedicated his life to God.
The service was characterised by songs of praise to God.
People gave several gifts to the royal couple.
The queen, known as Nyakosi in local language, was adorned in a white wedding dress while Chief Mpezeni was clad in a brown suit.
The chief was accompanied by his induna, George Zulu.
And Chief Mpezeni said he has decided to re-dedicate his life to God because his ancestors were Christians.

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