‘Moving bank’ business takes centre stage in Shibuyunji


“THIS is a ‘moving bank’. This is money because with just a phone call, we can sell a few goats and meet our immediate needs unlike a cow, which is usually difficult to sell,” Shibuyunji-based Choonga Goat Project secretary Douglas Munyimba said as he pointed at the goat pen which had about 33 goats and kids. The goats are for the community.
Mr Munyimba said the market for goats is not just limited to Shibuyunji but as far as Kasumbalesa, where the value is higher and ensures quick disposable income. Goat rearing has proved to be a lucrative business due to the increasing demand for the meat within the country and beyond.
It has aided household income and also key in ensuring food security in CLICK TO READ MORE

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