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Mourning 25 Kariba Dam victims

THE death of 25 people on Lake Kariba is terrible, especially during the commemoration of the golden jubilee.
We commisserate with the bereaved families over the loss of their loved ones, who died in the process of attempting to cross Lake Kariba to join their colleagues in celebrating Zambia’s golden jubilee last Friday.
The tragedy is very traumatisng because of the manner in which it happened. It has devastated the country.
The loss of mostly young people, who are the future leaders of this country, is regrettable.
As we mourn with the bereaved families in Gwembe, we are gratified with efforts the government is making to cater for funeral expenses and give the departed a decent send-off.
It has been established that pupils from Henga Primary School were attempting to cross to the other side of Lake Kariba where golden jubilee celebrations were taking place when the boat on which they were travelling capsized.
Being a momentous occasion in the country’s history, none wanted to be left out of the commemorations, hence the decision by the young people to load themselves onto a small boat whose capacity is 14. There were 33 people on board and the boat could not withstand the weight. As a result, 25 lives were lost.
This tragedy is also a reminder that people need to observe regulations about safety and, especially over-loading.
The tragedy is too big for Zambia, which is not accustomed to losing such a large number of people at the same time.
Government has declared a day of national mourning in honour of the pupils, teachers and other people who died.
We commend Government for realising the gravity of the tragedy and calling for day of national mourning as the country goes through this trying period.
We commiserate with the parents of the deceased and wish them God’s strength as they mourn the departed.

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