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‘Be motivated by love, not possessions’

ZAMBIA National Service (ZNS) commandant Nathan Mulenga has urged couples not to be motivated by material possessions but love.
Lieutenant-General Mulenga urged couples to be happy with what is within their means.
Speaking during the wedding ceremony of Jonathan Mwanza, a businessman, and Evelyn Mponela, a pharmacist, in Lusaka on Saturday, Gen. Mulenga said the greatest wealth is to live contented with  “what you have, however little”.
Gen Mulenga also told the couple about the importance of disclosure in case any of them had a child before they met.
“All humans have had their pasts, the newly weds are no different. If by an act of the past, any of you has a child, let this be known to your partner, quickly and boldly infuse this child in the family.
Do this not with your crest fallen but right in the face of your partner. I advise so because I know, and universally so, that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future,” Gen Mulenga said to the applause of the audience at Blue Nile Inn.
Gen Mulenga also urged the couple to resolve their differences amicably, not through fights.
“Teachings so far you have undergone in preparing for your marriage have not included the subject of beating. I know this to be a fact although I plead illiteracy in the field of traditional marriage,” he said.

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