Letter to the Editor

Most opposition criticism of those in power out of envy

Dear editor,
WHEN I read of opposition leaders attacking those in power, I feel sorry for them.

To me it appears they are criticising out of envy because they feel left out.
People like Saviour Chishimba are not telling us what they will do for our alleged ‘depressed’ economy.
Even UPND, the largest opposition in Zambia has failed to tell us how they will fix this economy.
It takes the mind of an economist and a politician to make a success! They are non-inspiring.
Kapwepwe said if we are not careful, fools will rule and that is what I see in those jostling to rule us.
People like Mr Chishimba are not true nationalists; they are too negative and want to come and play in the stadium that doesn’t belong to anybody.

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