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REGINA Mwanza.

Gospel Grooves with FELIX NYAMBE
FROM a troubled youth when growing up when she was struck by a mysterious disease that almost crippled her when she was two to the loss of her father and a failed relationship, Regina Mwanza has never given-up on her Creator.

At the age of 23, many would have probably given up on faith due to peer pressure and the fact that a few of her friends have not fully accommodated Jesus in her spiritual life.
Four years ago, she confessed in one of her debut singles that “My God Is good…He so wonderful.”
Four years down the line, she still feels the same about God.
Regina has just released her sophomore album titled Testimonies.
But even before releasing her album, she has been doing some collaborations in the background.
Among her recent collaborations is the song Fyafulisha by Square Jay on which she features with another gospel revelation Lucy as well as on Skill-J’s current song Thank You Lord.
Regina is back, reinvigorated and full of the love of God.
“The Bibles says let’s love one another because if you love your friend that means you can’t feel bad if your friend is doing good in life, you can’t be jealous even to sit on your friends opportunities,” she says.
“But the reason why Christians are so divided is because we have forgotten about love, we have become selfish and jealous is now the supreme controller of Souls. Now all these bad things we are doing it’s because we have no love in us, we have ignored the word love and God our father in heaven is love so we have forgotten about God and nothing good comes out of a person who has no love. So we will be judged according to our works”.
And listening to some of the songs on the album such as If He Did Before and Uyu Yesu, one can only imagine just what drives her to seek God’s divine intervention each time she is recording.
Other songs that make her latest eight track project which was produced by Victor Nyalazi at SSV Studio include Every Knee, Ichebo Chenu, Ofanana and In Your House.
But it is also the songs Muyenera and Tefyandi, which should drag lost souls to the nearest Pulpit and worship the Lord in truth and in spirit.
“Well I thank God for this album. It’s finally out after so many years of being quite but my God has really done it and I just want to thank my manager Patrick Nyalazi (SSV Producer) for always believing in me,” she says. “He never gave up on me, thank you so much (sir). I believe and pray that this album will touch people around the world.”
Meanwhile, her debut album, My God Is Good, continues to inspire all those who precisely find God to be just that – love.
With songs such as Ichi Chalo, a tribute to her father after he was killed in cold blood, Higher Higher and another smart collaboration with the Peace Preacherz’s Serai Clouds on the song Pap Oh!, the former Lusaka High School pupil has remained steadfast in her youthful ministry.
The songs I Need You Jesus, Umutima Wandi, He Lives and Ndangilileni, Ndiye Umoyo (featuring Ruth Ndhlovu) and Nisogoleleni, all made-up her 2012 10-track project., 0979360993/0964873656.


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