More skunking still

AFTER the One Love Reggae Festival at Mika Convention Centre last Saturday, reggae fans are being served with another show at Munda Wanda Botanical Gardens in Chilanga today. While last weekend’s show was organised by Shakarongo Music, today’s show dubbed Bob Marley Peace Concert is courtesy of Conscious Sounds Entertainment.With the political campaigns on, the organisers thought they could use the concert to promote peace. To that effect, former Chilanga Member of Parliament Maria Langa who is re-contesting the seat, has been invited to give a few remarks.Otherwise, Bob Marley is known for promoting peace.On April 22, 1978, he held the One Love Concert at the National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica. The concert was held during the political civil war in Jamaica between opposing parties, Jamaican Labour Party led by Edward Seaga and the Michael Manley’s People’s National Party.The concert, dubbed as the Third World Woodstock, brought together reggae’s leading acts including Bob Marley and Peter Tosh as the rival figures.While Peter Tosh took the opportunity during his performance to denounce the two leaders for opposing the legalisation of marijuana, Bob Marley’s performance saw both political leaders being invited to the stage during the performance of  CLICK TO READ MORE

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