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More money with hard work

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu could not have found an opportune time as yesterday, Labour Day, to advise Zambians that it is only when they work hard that they will have more money in their pockets.
True to the President’s declaration, there can never be any meaningful success without working hard, be it at individual or corporate level.
This call was timely because money cannot be in one’s pockets without hard work, food cannot be on people’s tables without hard work neither can one stop begging without working hard.
Having sent that message across to the labour leaders, employers and workers, it can only be expected that the challenge will change the mind of every worker.
It is a known secret that wherever people have worked hard, positive development is feasible as can be seen from developed nations.
By quoting one time American President Theodore Roosevelt, who once said that “It is only through labour and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage that we move on better things”, the President was on point.
Without mincing his words, President Lungu was blunt enough to state that the Patriotic Front forgot to complete their campaign message that money would only feel their pockets by working hard.
“We cannot continue pursuing handouts anymore, we cannot believe political rhetoric from scenic, we all have to work,” President Lungu said.
With that call, Zambians are called not to fold arms or perpetuate a tendency of waiting to receive aid without them making an effort to make ends meet.
While stating those facts, it is good that President Lungu recognised the role Zambian workers played in the development of the country.
It is gratifying that President Lungu went ahead to quote first Republican President Kenneth Kaunda’s 1972 speech when he said that the greatest asset of any nation is its people as work force.
It is in line with the PF manifesto, which affirms the party’s beliefs that the stability of the national economy and the creation of sustainable jobs are anchored on stable labour and industrial relations.
The PF government envisaged an employment and labour sector that is responsive to the needs of both the employers and employees.
As President Lungu rightly put it, labour movements and employer organisations should continue working together to achieve national development.
Themed as: ‘Promoting industrialisation through productivity, decent work and sustainable economic growth amidst COVID-19’, praise goes to Government for enduring the circumstance.
This is because such kind of celebrations could not be held last year because of the pandemic that ravaged the entire world at the time.
President Lungu said despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Government has opted not to close down the country but allow businesses to continue operating under the ‘new normal’.
We congratulate both workers and employers who have stood resilient to the COVID-19 pandemic by maintaining the workforce.
As deserving workers will be receiving their awards, we hope that they have taken note of the call to work even extra hard if they have to continue contributing to the development of the nation.
To those workers who have not been awarded this year, let this call be a motivation for them to put in the best.

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