Mongu models showcase Musisi, Sisiba

MUSISI dress.

MONGU’S Accams Gardens on Monday hosted a fashion show that saw models showcase the traditional attire of the Lozi people of Western Province.
The models promoted the women’s dress called Musisi as well as the Siziba that is worn by men.
The Siziba consists of a white shirt, kilt and long stockings while the Musisi or Misisi for plural, is normally designed with a satin material with the back part of it being longer than the front part.
Having originated from Scotland, the dress is one of the few traditional attires that have stood the test of time.
The fashion show was attended by both the young and old, who appreciated the rich tradition of the Lozi people.
The event was spiced up with some traditional music by Moombo Chima, Mr Kutwa and Mupatu Primary Cultural Group from Limulunga Royal Village.
All the three groups lived up to the expectation of the audience but it was Mupatu Primary Cultural Group that ignited the night, as its members performed an imitation of the Kuomboka ceremony.
The young paddlers and Limbas who were clad in white and black Sizibas and Misisi sung Siluyana and Nkoya songs.
With equally an imitation of the Nalikwanda [Litunga royal badge] on stage, the audience could not resist but join the young paddlers and the Limbas in the ‘Kuomboka celebration’ which blended well with playing of traditional instruments.
For a moment, one would have thought the Kuomboka ceremony which has not been held for the past four years, had finally taken off because of the exciting performances put up by the youth.
Earlier, Mombo Chima also gave the audience a thrilling performance with their dance moves while the ever energetic Mr Kutwa impressed the audience with the famous Tulevulevu song, among others.

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