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Monde still MP, rules Speaker


STEVEN MVULA, Parliament
SPEAKER of National Assembly Patrick Matibini has ruled that Itezhi Tezhi Member of Parliament (MP) Greyfold Monde (UPND) is rightfully in Parliament because his matter of expulsion by the United Party for National Development (UPND) has not yet been determined in court.
Making a ruling on a point of order raised by Choma Central MP Cornelius Mweetwa (UPND), Dr Matibini said Mr Monde is not a stranger in Parliament because his matter is still active in court.
In his point of order, Mr Mweetwa quoted from The Post newspaper which carried a story headlined “Supreme Court upholds Monde’s expulsion”.
Mr Mweetwa asked: “Mr Speaker, is this House in order to entertain a stranger in the House?”
In response, Dr Matibini said the story was misleading.
“Your source is a newspaper. Mine is a ruling. As a matter of fact I have before me the same judgment. It is 17 pages,” Dr Matibini said.
At this point the PF MPs cheered him.
Dr Matibini said the ruling that was being referred to in The Post is an interlocutory matter and, therefore, the court is yet to determine Mr Monde’s issue.
He said an interlocutory judgment is verdict given in an intermediate stage between the commencement and termination of a cause of action, used to provide a temporary or provisional decision on an issue. Thus, an interlocutory order is not final.
“To an uninformed reader, they may think Honourable Monde has been expelled. The story is misleading. Honourable Monde is rightfully here. And to put it in your words, he is not a stranger in this House,” Dr Matibini said.
Dr Matibini’s ruling sent the PF MPs into jubilation with Kasenengwa MP Victoria Kalima (MMD) walking over to Mr Monde’s seat to shake his hand.

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