Monalisa aims at bringing justice to poor


IT IS worth noting that the campaign to educate the girl child is yielding positive results even though there are still some

places, especially in the rural areas, that record a high number of school dropouts among girls in secondary schools.
One such positive result can be seen from the increasing number of girls that remain in school to complete their education whilst clinging onto their dreams of adding to the number of women in decision-making positions in Zambia.
Seventeen-year-old Monalisa Sakala, a Grade 11 pupil at David Livingstone Secondary School is one of the girls who wants to contribute to the fight against crime and bring justice in the Zambian society through the legal profession.
“I want to be a lawyer so that I can bring justice to some people in our communities, like those who could not afford to pay a lawyer,” she said.
Monalisa said her inspiration was drawn from one of her teachers who wanted to be a lawyer but ended up in the teaching profession.
She said as a Christian, integrity will be her core value.
Monalisa said she will prioritise her pursuit for justice over the money she intends to earn as a lawyer.
“My major responsibility will be to fight for innocent people so that they are not put behind bars as is the situation in some cases,” she said.
Monalisa said lawyers must endeavour to avoid defending wrong doers to reduce the evils that are committed in the country.
Her favourite subjects are mathematics, English and science, and she enjoys taking part in debates at school.
Monalisa realises that she can only achieve her dream by studying hard and therefore urges fellow pupils to concentrate on their studies because education is a weapon to success.
She also says by studying hard, she will be able to take care of her parents when they are old.

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