Letter to the Editor

Modern bus terminus required for Kapiri Mposhi

Dear editor,
NOT too long ago, I wrote to your paper calling for various banks to establish their branches here in Kapiri Mposhi.
The town is still waiting for banks’ responses which I think could be in their roll-out plans for 2016.
I also wrote about the need to have Kapiri Mposhi Zamtel and Zampost offices painted in their corporate colours. It is my hope that they, too, are planning to do that in 2016.
I now wish to request Government to seriously look at and plan for the construction of a modern bus terminus here in Kapiri Mposhi.
This town is a major transit point for buses headed for different directions. Unfortunately, there is no established bus stop save for an open space “big buses station” at the town centre which also serves as a business premises for women vendors who deal in various merchandise, especially food and drinks.
Other places which serve as “bus stops” are private places such as Sam Fuel (LK) filling station, Continental Oil filling station at the turn-off into Great North Road as well as Alpha filling station just after Continental Oil.
In my opinion, Kapiri Mposhi needs a modern bus terminus which will serve as a one-stop facility for all buses similar to Intercity in Lusaka.
This will not only avail a decent trading place for various businesses but also enhance collection of income through bus and taxi fees, shop licences, stall fees and toilet fees to the municipality not to mention creation of employment for youths who may be engaged in various activities.
Kapiri Mposhi

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