Mobile operators fined K3 million

THE Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) has fined three mobile network operators over K3.1 million for providing poor services to clients.

ZICTA has penalised Airtel Networks Zambia Limited K750,000, MTN Zambia Limited and Zamtel Limited 1.2 million each for failing to meet some of the set parameters on quality service.

ZICTA manager for corporate communi c a t ions Ngabo Nankonde said this in a statement issued yesterday.
“The set parameters include call set-up success rate, mean opinion score, successful rate, SMS delivery time and the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) success log-ins,” she said.
Ms Nankonde said MTN Zambia and Zamtel have each been fined K600,000 for failing to meet set parameters on call set-up success rate and K600,000 each for failing set parameters on HTTP success log-ins, bringing the…

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