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Mkushi commits to promoting safe motherhood

FIRST Lady Esther Lungu (right) after commissioning a cervical cancer clinic at Urban Health Centre in Kapiri Mposhi. PICTURE: THOMAS NSAMA/STATE HOUSE

“THIS is a good opportunity for me as all along, I have been wanting to undergo a test for cervical cancer. On Sunday, our reverend announced in church that this week is the mothers’ health week and all women from the age of 19 to 49 should have the privilege to visit the health facility so that they get tested for cervical cancer, among other activities,” narrates Maureen Kasusha, one of the women who was waiting to be screened for cervical cancer at the old Mkushi District Hospital on Tuesday.
Mrs Kasusha has called on fellow women to utilise the free health services being provided by the health personnel in commemorating Safe Motherhood Week as it will help safeguard their lives against life-threatening diseases like cancer and HIV and AIDS.
Another woman from Andrew Moffat Farm Block in Mkushi, Mercy Kabila, says her employer encouraged all the female workers on his farm to go to the hospital to receive the various health activities being provided during this Safe Motherhood Week.
“This programme is very important for all women as it is giving us an opportunity to know more about our health. For diseases like cancer, we cannot tell if we have it or not, unless we seek expertise from the health personnel,” said Ms Kabila.

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