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‘Miss Bwete’ on promo

DANCEHALL artiste Uniq is still working on his album, whose title he has changed from Straight Up to Outta Yard, although he has continued to release singles with the latest ones being Miss Bwete and Stay Away From My Phone.

The first single, Miss Bwete, talks about a woman taking advantage of men using her body.

“It teaches men to be aware of such women and not make decisions based on sexual fantasies,” Uniq says.
“The second promo… phones have become a huge part of our daily lives. As much as a phone is a necessity and has made our communication easy, we can’t run away from the fact that the same phones bring chaos in our homes.
“In this era of social media technology, the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook, words like sweetheart, honey, baby and other words meant to address a lover, have lost meaning, which has led to misunderstandings and also to the escalating gender-based violence. This is the reason why I emphasise on phone privacy on this song.”
Uniq says he settled for Outta Yard as the album title because it is a dancehall expression that simply means out of the box or out of this yard.
“Outta Yard is a 14-track album produced by the sensational T- Sean of Thee High Grade production house, of which two have been produced by Mas 1. On it, I feature T-Bwoy, T-Sean, Macky II, Tambu, Shimpanzi, Chester, Chef 187, J Knox, who is a Zambian rapper based in Canada, and 2key,” Uniq explained.
“The album release date hasn’t been set yet but it’s in October. The album has rich and original sounds owing to the live guitars and keyboard that have been played with a new school sound that I have fused with a dancehall vibe.
“It is a collection of fun, love, social commentary and educational songs in English, Jamaican patois and vernacular that have been nicely put together by two dancehall kings of Zambia, Uniq Skillz and T-Sean.
“The contribution of other very talented artistes has made the music recipe ready for ears. Working with T-Sean as my producer has been a great experience and has been full of new discoveries; we’ve managed to create new sounds which I’m sure a lot of people will love.”
Uniq says he is working on a video for Miss Bwete, which will out this month while another one is planned for release before the year ends.
“I am pushing for collaborations with international artistes, likes of Ghanaian Stone Bwoy, the Nigerian Patoranking and Jamaican musicians,” he says. “Hopefully, this album will give me the platform I need.”


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