Ministry of Health starts compiling patients’ records electronically

THE Ministry of Health has started compiling patient’s records electronically to improve data management.

The project dubbed ‘project E-First Strategy’ will capture patients’ data electronically and complete data entry in real-time at every service point, as opposed to manual entry.
According to a statement posted on the Centre for Infectious Diseases, Research in Zambia (CIDRZ) website, the project is being piloted in some clinics in Lusaka, with support of United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, in a phased approach.
CIDRZ Lusaka Province co-ordinator Daniel Mwamba during a stakeholder sensitisation meeting said the project will be implemented through the introduction of the Electronic Health Record Systems in the pilot facilities which include Ng’ombe, Bauleni, Kamwala, Makeni and Chainda South.
“E-First Strategy will allow every health providers access to the patient’s complete medical history, as well as provide appropriate medical care based on the patient’s health record,’’ Dr Mwamba said.
He also said the new strategy will also enable smartcards have fully updated copy of their own data as no form of paper will be used when capturing patient’s data.

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