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Ministers have huge task

WE CANNOT agree more with President Edgar Lungu’s counsel to newly-appointed provincial and Cabinet ministers to work for the people.
In fact, they should also take seriously the President’s reminder of what is expected of them after assuming lofty positions in Government.
During campaigns, politicians promised to deliver development to the people.
Speaking when he swore in the ministers at State House on Thursday, the President advised the ministers to work extremely hard because time for speeches and promises was over, and that the people of Zambia were waiting for development to be delivered as outlined in the PF manifesto.
Now that campaigns are over, people’s expectations are very high, also given the record of unprecedented development the Patriotic Front (PF) administration delivered in its five years in office.
Therefore, more is expected from the PF government as it implements its industrialisation manifesto to transform the country further.
Ministers are conduits for this development because they lead ministries and provincial administrations responsible for planning and execution of Government plans.
Ministers also oversee development plans by the private sector and Non-Governmental Organisations.
Therefore, for the ministers who were sworn-in on Thursday, there is no honeymoon because expectations from citizens are huge.
We are glad that some ministers have in fact already hit the ground running and have set the tone of their expectations in ministries they will be supervising.
We also hope that as the ministers settle in their respective offices, they will embrace the spirit of collective responsibility and teamwork.
Some maybe experts in the fields in which they have been appointed but they should consult widely to ensure that decisions they make produce win-win situations.
This is what President Lungu meant when he said the ministers should ensure that they carry the consensus of the people to represent everyone.
President Lungu also said leaders must seek solutions from the people.
Zambia is facing a developmental backlog which can only be reversed by hardworking citizens and ministers should demonstrate the zeal to work so that their juniors follow suit.
Ministers are also expected to demonstrate servanthood in their execution of their duties because they were voted by the people.
President Lungu said the PF administration will only deliver what it promised the people during campaigns if ministers are available to the people and work with them.
The PF is determined to push the frontiers of our robust transformational agenda for mother Zambia.
That is why President Lungu said he does not want to hear of reports about ministers or other senior Government officials quarrelling with chiefs.
Mr Lungu has yet again put it on record that chiefs are Government’s partners and therefore solutions should be sought from them and work together.
Hardwork comes with it a package of sacrifice and accountability for resources reposed to ministries and provincial administrations.
Ministers who are Christians have a perfect example: Jesus Christ laid aside his majesty in order to serve humanity. His death is the supreme example of his servanthood: the fulfilling of the will of God his Father.

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