Letter to the Editor

Minister, stop illegal land allocation in Rock Field, please

Dear editor,
A PIECE of land in Rock Field on Tokyo Road near Old Inspire School was illegally surveyed and demarcated into eight plots a couple of weeks ago.

These plots have since been allocated to unsuspecting people. Some of the these developers are already on site and have even started construction on this small piece of land. One wonders if the Ministry of Lands has already given these people offer letters, approved building plans within this short space of time to warrant construction. Further, one wonders how squeezed the structures will be.
It is not the first time residents in this area have seen repeated attempts by people to build on this piece of land after structures have always been pulled down. It is in this vein that I appeal to the Minister of Lands Jean Kapata to quickly intervene and put a stop to the illegal construction going on in this area.

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