Letter to the Editor

Miles Sampa should bring sanity to Lusaka

Dear editor,
I WRITE to Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa, asking his management team to fix a few things before the onset of the rainy season.
Street lighting is defunct along Independence Avenue, where the Head of State resides.
The whole stretch is nearly pitch-black at night. Should we not be ashamed? As a city, are we not ashamed to allow this type of laziness to fix simple things.
Not long ago Avic International lit up the street but the entire length has gone off. Surely, should it take me to ask the director of engineering the question four times and yet there is no feedback?
Road markings – why does the council fail to provide this service at Kabwe and Kafue traffic circles? We cannot see the lines. It has become so confusing and worse for first-time drivers.
What has happened to designated bus stations in and around the city? Both pirate and registered operators randomly park in places of their choice, creating unnecessary congestion.
Finally, garbage collection – Your Worship, mobilise the corporate world to assist in this area.
Your city is prone to Cholera outbreaks. Should it take the Head of State to act again?
Come on, Mr Sampa, we want to see you in action. The 100 days have gone by. It is now time to work. Chop chop!

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