Migration of Ngonis from Zulu kingdom

Author: Kachigo Chosani Manda
Genre: Historical Account
Printed: Kolbe Press- Diocese of Chipata
Pages: 61
LUSAKA – Kachigo Chosani Manda’s book, Nsingo Mpezeni-the Ngoni Warrior Prince, is a resilient historical account of the Ngoni of the present day Zambia, set in Luangeni, the eastern-end of the country.
The book is largely on how this warrior tribe left the Zulu Kingdom in the now South Africa to settle in Zambia.
Warrior Prince Nsingo Mpezeni is at the centre of the narrative, how brave and fearless he was in the fights as a boy to the raids he conquered as a young warrior. And a loose recount is made tracing his capture and death at the hands of the white settlers after a fierce battle.
The book also takes a special focus on the political, cultural and socio-economic life of the Ngoni of present day eastern Zambia from King Lubengula’s son, King Ntutu Mpezeni to subsequent heirs to the throne.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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