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Memory: Medicine my dream

INSPIRED by Ben Carson, Memory Namwanza a Grade 12 pupil at Roma Girls Secondary School wants to become a doctor so that she can help save lives and give hope to patients.
The third in a family of four, Memory wants to make a difference by becoming the first doctor in her family.

“I feel I have a strong passion and a caring heart, becoming a doctor will enable me to give hope to patients. I also want to become one of the best doctors in the country,” she said.
Memory believes her tender heart will help her contribute to the patient’s healing process and well-being.
She said she also wants to bring back life in those patients who have lost hope by encouraging them.
Memory is of the view that she will greatly contribute to the medical profession in Zambia once she becomes a doctor.
“A healthy nation is a wealthy one. I believe that I, together with other professionals will bring a change to the face of the medical profession in our country,” she said.
Memory said she also wants to positively impact her fellow young people so that they can contribute to national affairs.
Her dream is to pursue her course outside the country and bring international expertise to Zambia. Memory’s favourite subjects are mathematics and biology.
She has called on her fellow young people to work hard and always believe in their capabilities if they are to become famous in society.
“Young people must be determined and make firm decisions which will benefit their lives. They must not be swayed by peer pressure because it can affect their lives.
“They should also fear God and respect their parents and other elderly people in society so that they receive blessings,” Memory said.


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