Members petition LAZ for no-confidence vote

FOUR Lusaka lawyers have petitioned the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) Council to call for an extraordinary general meeting that will discuss a vote of no confidence against its office bearers for allegedly failing to enhance the rule of law.
The four lawyers are Terreme Chabu, Kondwani Musukwa, Kelvin Bwalya and Robson Malipenga.
Among the charges in the petition is that the Council has failed to provide a means by which all lawyers can participate fully and effectively in the development of society and its institutions.
The petitioners further alleged there is a lack of or inadequate consultation of the general membership in taking unprecedented decisions, which has fostered divisions in LAZ.
The lawyers have addressed the notice of motion for the extraordinary general meeting to the LAZ honorary secretary, Sashi Kateka, alleging that the Council has failed to discharge its mandate of enhancing the rule of law.
They said the motion of no confidence is also because the Council acted outside the mandate of LAZ when it appointed Mr Musa Mwenye to represent Lusaka lawyer Nchima Nchito in a case in which Mr Nchito is facing a charge of impersonation.
The petitioners further contend that the Council failed in its mandate by joining the winding up petition involving the Post Newspaper Limited (in liquidation).
They submitted that the Council has also questioned the integrity of the courts without due regard to procedure.
The quartet argued that the Council has been selective in the manner in which it condemns people who undermine the courts and bring the judiciary in Zambia into contempt and ridicule.
They also argued that the Council failed to advance law reforms by refusing to support the referendum on the Bill of Rights which ran along the August 11 general election.
The four lawyers said the actions or omissions of the LAZ council have been detrimental to the association and its standing in society.
They want the extraordinary general meeting to be convened before LAZ’s Annual General Meeting and that a poll should be used to vote.

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