Letter to the Editor

Members of Parliament should visit constituencies

Dear editor,
PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is on record to have told Members of Parliament (MPs) his mind on the need for them to visit their constituencies to foster development.
There are some MPs like Chitalu Chilufya and Kampamba Mulenga, among others, who have taken President Lungu‘s advice seriously and are running with it by visiting their constituencies as often as possible.
However, there are also those who have become too busy for the people who put them in office.
The purpose for writing this letter is to urge all lawmakers who have abandoned their constituencies to reflect. This being the second year since they were elected, they still have an opportunity to change things.
This is by coming up with a schedule to visit their constituencies even once a month. This is the only way to know the challenges in their constituencies and subsequently help find solutions.
As long as MPs do not visit their constituencies, it is difficult for them to understand what the people who voted for them are going through.
While for now it may seem the electorate is helpless, come election time, they will be the bosses.
MPs will therefore do themselves a favour by attending to the needs of their constituencies, that is if they have ambitions to continue saving beyond 2021.

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