Medicine, accounts my passion

THOUGH Niza Siluonde, a Grade 11 pupil at Canisius Secondary school wants to be medical doctor, he wants to have other qualifications so that he is not limited.
Niza, 16, believes that it is better for one to multi-task in careers choice unlike being limited to one career choice.
“Technically, I want to be a medical doctor though my parents advise me to have a passion for education. Even if I want to be a medical doctor, I want to have other qualifications in computer programming, accounting and mathematics so that am not limited,” he said.
In his free time, Niza, likes to solve mathematics and reading to broaden his scope of understanding of various life issues.
He is of the view that one must associate with people that give encouragement and motivate one to work hard.
“I read a lot in my free time, mostly educational and church material at times. People need to believe in what they do and associate with people who encourage them to study. My friends believe in my abilities in mathematics and that encourages me to work hard,” Niza says.
He says young people must endeavour to be real and not imitate others so that they discover who they are and bring out their potential.
The third in a family of four, Niza is inspired by his fellow young people who are self-motivated and focused.
“None of my friends is scared to stand out and achieve their academic goals, because if we try to be like other people, we will be limited in what we can do. Be yourself and see what you are really capable of doing. If people are not impressed with you, its fine. Associate with those that believe in capabilities,” he says.
Niza’s hobbies are reading, studying and playing badminton

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