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Media specialist emphasises need for early childhood education

SHIKANDA KAWANGA, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
MEDIA Network on Child’s Rights and Development (MNCRD) executive director Henry Kabwe says there is need for a comprehensive early childhood education system to reduce on school dropouts.
He said early childhood education is important, as it inculcates knowledge on gender roles that enable children understand their roles in society at a tender age.
Mr Kabwe noted that only 14.7 of children have access to early education in the country, which shows that only few children access early childhood education.
He was speaking in an interview on the side-lines of the ongoing Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI) Forum which attracted over 500 participants from Southern Africa Development Countries (SADC) and East African countries.
Mr Kabwe said that a lot of children are deprived from early childhood education which is vital for children to attain their full education potential.
He noted that a lot of children were dropping out at lower primary school education reducing the number of pupils who progress to secondary school due to poor childhood education systems.
Mr Kabwe said strengthened early childhood education systems can also help reduce the number of pupils that drop out of education due to pregnancy and other factors.
“Over 16,000 girl children were impregnated in 2014 and dropped out of school but unfortunately only few went back to school, after giving birth,” he said
Mr Kabwe said lack of early childhood education in some areas has affected the re-entry policy in school for the girl child as they are not taught the importance of education at a tender age.
He also pointed out that there is need to have adequate enforcement of laws that will restrict girl children from accessing social services like bars at an early age that in the long run turns them into mothers at an early.
He said the media should take on their agenda to sensitise communities on child marriages for the development of the country.

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