Measurements agency to capture water, Zesco meters

Prepaid water meter.

THE Zambia Weights and Measures Agency (ZWMA) is in the process of finalising a legislative review to allow it to capture new areas of verification such as water and Zesco meters.
ZWMA chief executive officer Himba Cheelo said the new areas being provided for are inspection of imported products at entry points, and verification of water and electricity meters, among others.
Ms Cheelo said recently that the law has been drafted and submitted to the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry.
“Some areas of verification are not covered in the current law. To address this, we are in the process of finalising a legislative review of the current provisions of the Weights and Measures Act of 2003.This process shall allow for capturing of new areas of verification,” she said.
She said ZWMA currently has full control to verify local industries’ weighting and measuring equipment, and inspect compliance of pre-packaged products by ensuring that the quantity declared on the package is accurate.
Ms Cheelo, however, said it is not the case with imported products. If underweight pre-packaged imported goods are found on the market, it is a challenge for the agency to address the issue as it is beyond Zambia’s borders, hence the need to strengthen compliance of accuracy at the point of entry.
She said to strengthen compliance of accuracy of quantities on pre-packaged commodities entering the country; the agency will this year open an office at Chirundu border. This shall be after enactment of the necessary and enabling legal instruments, while Nakonde is earmarked to be opened next year.
She also said the agency’s other interest as it opens border towns, is to check the type of weighing and measuring instruments entering the country.
“Currently, the Zambian market is flooded with unapproved types of scales being used to conduct business. As an agency, we realise that to effectively control the use of type approved weighting and measuring equipment, there is need to have stringent control at the point of entry of these instruments,” she said.

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