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MBS must apologise

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to ask MBS to apologise to Lubinda Mwangala for being rough in his letter towards the latter.
In the letter published in the Daily Mail, MBS poured scorn on Mwangala for complaining about the refusal by police to issue a GRZ receipt for the money he paid for certification of documents.
The advice by the Zambia Police Service’s acting public relations officer, Esther Mwata Katongo, which was published in the Daily Mail, was spot-on.
The police have explained that their officers are expected to issue GRZ receipts for all the money they receive from members of the public for any service they may have rendered.
All money paid to the officers in the course of their duties is government money, which should be sent to the treasury.
But if there are no receipts, how will those officers account for the money.
Mwangala was right, and MBS should apologise for the disparaging remarks.

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