Mazuba Mwiinga: Creative fiction writer

CHALI MULENGA, Livingstone
PROBABLY one of Zambia’s most shrewd creative fiction writers, Mazuba Mwiinga is among the few authors who have consistently kept his mystic writing ideas laden into books.
To date, the author boasts of 10 published titles, with a few awards and recognitions to his name.
 Among his most adrenaline-provoking novels is his 2020 release, The Crown of Ashes.
The author unapologetically cuts boundaries of societal established patterns and norms and causes a reader to rack his or her brains.
“I don’t write for recognition or awards, but when such come along, I take and appreciate them. I write because that’s all there is for me to remain sane in this crazy life. The best way to deliver a message is to fictionalise it so that only the crazy-minded can get it,” Mazuba says.
The intrinsically thought-provoking 404-paged The Crown of Ashes tells a story that shows a Zambian lifestyle. It brings to light the true picture of how occult, tradition and conservative religious practices merge at some point without participants realising it. The author successfully shows how the deep secrets of traditional customs control the spiritual well-being of even religious communities. He skilfully and convincingly blends the realities of social and governance politics into the philosophies of daily living.
Centred on a cosmopolitan Christian young woman, Masowe, who is entangled in forces of nature, religion, traditional custom, local politics and spiritual awakening, the breath-taking novel invites every open-mind person to read it.
Somewhere in the novel we read this conversation:
“It’s human nature, Mercy; we are programmed in such a way that our minds easily believe evil experiences than righteous ones. Ghosts make more sense to us than angels,” Masowe replied.
“Why is that so?” Mercy asked.
“We were taught from childhood that we are all a creation that resulted from sin, hence we can’t be angels. We are expected to see and CLICK TO READ MORE

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