Letter to the Editor

Mazhandu cannot afford complacent customer care

Dear editor,
I RECENTLY travelled from Lusaka to Livingstone and back using a Mazhandu bus.While the crew from Lusaka was superb, I was taken aback by one employee in Livingstone who was selling tickets.
When I went to buy my return ticket at the Mazhandu booth, I found a gentleman who was unconcerned that a client was standing before him.
In silent rudeness, he carried on with what he was doing like there were no people waiting to be attended to.
As though that was not enough, after some time, he stood up and went to a room behind the booth while we waited.
As he walked back, I had run out of patience and asked him if he was serious about his job.
To my surprise, he said he did not see anything wrong, forcing me to rudely ask him if he had been through any form of customer training.
To cut the long story short, he reluctantly apologised but I was not amused with the attitude of this gentleman.
While it may not be every employee with such a bad attitude, Mazhandu management should look out for bad eggs that are not only denting the image of the company but also repelling clients.
At a time as this, when Mazhandu is trying to recover from the setback it suffered after its suspension, the company cannot afford to be careless with the way it treats its clients.
All workers must be taught that customers are their real employers because without them, there would be no business and, subsequently, no jobs to talk about.

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