MAZ projects mealie meal price reduction

THE Millers Association of Zambia (MAZ) says the anticipated increase in mealie meal price is expected to ease due to the establishment of milling plants in rural areas.
MAZ president Allan Sakala said in an interview that the millers have justified reasons to increase mealie meal prices but this will not be for long.
“Mealie meal prices might go up now due to the economic status of the country but they will eventually come down due to the milling plants being set up across the country,” Mr Sakala said.
He said that all costs that lead to the production of mealie meal have increased and individual millers are increasing prices according to their costings.
“Each milling company has its own costs and might increase prices according to the costs they incur during production,” Mr Sakala said.
He said the future looks bright as prices will eventually reduce because of the presidential milling plants being set up across the country and most maize comes from the rural areas.
He said a number of milling plants are set up along the line of rail despite most of the maize being produced in the rural areas hence incurring huge costs of transporting the produce to markets.
“It is an interesting future that we have and it will be to the advantage of consumers as they will be enjoying low prices because maize will not have to be transported very far since milling plants will be near,” Mr Sakala said.
Mr Sakala said consumers should, therefore, not worry as mealie meal prices will stabilise once the setting up of milling plants has been concluded.
Recently, President Lungu, during the campaign for the 2015 election, promised to bring down the prices of maize and continue creating jobs by taking milling plants to places of crop production to cut the cost of transportation.

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