Letter to the Editor

Mayor Sampa’s monthly progress updates inspiring

Dear editor,
HIS Worship the Mayor of Lusaka, Miles Sampa, features on Millennium Radio programme at the end of every month.
The Mayor gives an outline of the tasks that he has done during a particular month.
He also answers a wide range of questions centred on developmental issues from the callers.
This is because the programme is an interactive one with the general public.
From the previous programmes on Millennium Radio which featured the Lusaka mayor, he articulated very well on various developmental issues.
Furthermore, he clarifies on certain decisions made.
I have keenly followed his work culture, which is very good.
Over and above everything else, the Lusaka mayor is working very hard and fulfilling his campaign pledges.
This is a true measure of leadership and it is inspiring.
This work culture should be emulated by other leaders in the echelons of power.

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