Maureen to play for charity

MAUREEN Lilanda.

LEGENDARY performer Maureen Lupo Lilanda is expected to light up the family fun day being organised by Divine Mercy Home this Saturday at Woodlands Stadium in Lusaka meant to raise funds for the marginalised groups in society.
Performing alongside “Aunt” Maureen, as the veteran singer is fondly called in the fraternity, is Chester, who is riding high with his song Banjo.
Divine Mercy Home executive director Martina Mitambo told the Weekend Mail in Lusaka that her organisation decided to engage “Aunt” Maureen and Chester because they are confident that they will give the showgoers exciting performances.
“There will be family games, horse riding, jumping castles, and a madalas corner just to mention a few,” Mitambo said.
Meanwhile, Chester was last weekend in Ndola for an appearance at East Point, and as you would expect, all roads seemed to lead to the venue.
The reason why that was so is simple – his latest song Banjo has taken over the airwaves and entertainment spots.
Before Chester could set foot on the stage, master of ceremonies Kanayo Kanayo invited some up-and-coming artistes to entertain the audience. But it was obvious that the audience was there for Chester.
And just after midnight, Chester hit the stage. The audience shouted for “Banjo”, it is the only song that they wanted.
But that is not how the drill goes; Chester first greeted the audience before informing the audience that he will start his performance with his early songs before coming to his latest which includes Banjo.
The audience had little choice but to follow his programme. Fortunately, Chester has a number of hits which he released at the start of his career. He started his performance with Kamalasha before moving to other songs like Umwine Webala and Paka Litente.
Yet, that was just the start.
He followed that up with songs like Belinda, Pastor, Suzana, Munjeleleko and Shonongo.
Afterwards, he invited Afunika who was in the audience to greet the crowd.
Shortly afterwards, he performed Banjo, and the show was over.

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