No matter the circumstances, trust in God – Ephraim

AWARD-WINNING gospel minister Ephraim Mutalenge is once again leading charts, this time with a new album which urges all believers never to doubt God, no matter the situation.
Titled Teti Ntwishike, the album is a true demonstration of true worship inspired by the Holy Spirit.
In the title track, Ephraim believes he has every reason to trust in the name which is above all names; Jesus.
But it is the opening song titled Nimwebo where Ephraim declares his trust in God by acknowledging that He is above fame, riches or any impressive curriculum vitae.
The artiste expresses his yearning for the Lord in “I Need You More,” while in Umweo Wandi, he voices out on the warm touch of God in his ministry and personal life.
For those going through unbearable storms of lives, Ephraim’s Talalikeni Amabimbi may just be the tool to help wipe away their tears and heal their broken hearts. Simply put, the song acknowledges God’s unfailing ability to calm any storm.
When you are feeling down and forsaken, Ephraim croons in Alemya that the Lord will lift you up and place you in your original positon.
But to achieve this, you have to walk with the Lord and become a part of the body of Christ to experience his ‘mighty’ as the song Isuleni suggests.
In Ephraim’s own words, the Lord ‘is a wonder, a miracle” in his life. He promises never to stop praising him for what He has done in his life and family.
“Great is he who is in me, than the one who is in the world, so let the weak say they are strong and the poor say that they are rich,”  he declares in song.
Ephraim says the Lord is a merciful and mighty God in whom we should trust in order for us to attain joy and everlasting love. He puts it clearly in the song Yesu Waluse.
Concluding this awesome album, which is packaged to uplift souls and transform lives, are the songs Shakapanga, which exalts the Lord and a Swahili-inspired number, Wewe Nimungu.
In the two songs, Ephraim reminds us of our God, “who never changes because He is the same yesterday, today and forever more”. Amen!
The gospel minister, who was born Ephraim Sekeleti Mutalange 31 years ago, shot to prominence when he released his testimonial album, Limo Ndanaka, in 2006.
But his defining moment came when Doxa Music released his multi-award winning album, Lesa Takelesha in 2009.
With songs such as Permanent, Wemutima Wandi Sekelela, Elyo Mulepala Bambi and Alasanika, Ephraim was thus fit to tag himself “the son of Africa”.
In his collaboration with the ‘queen of worship’, Mweshi Mulusa, on the song Lekeni Iloke, which was the tile track of his 2011 inspiring album, was the yardstick for Christians to measure his faith., 0979360993/0964873656

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