Marsha comes alive with ‘Waiting’


A MOVING video of Marsha Moyo, which is also the last song that she worked on before her death last November, has been released by her United States-based producer and publicist Jonathan Hay, who says he will work to ensure that her legacy is cemented.

Hay, described by the International Business Times as a “legendary music producer” was working on Marsha’s album titled Marsha Moyo EP, which was to be entirely produced by him and his partner Mani Ajami of Sweden at Patchwerk Studios, the legendary recording studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

While Hay and Ajami were working in the studio, Marsha was filming the video in Zambia for the upcoming EP.
The product of that is the song Waiting available at https://youtu.be/siybwpNi3fk. The song, officially published on Friday, features Iliana Eve, Hay’s 14-year-old daughter and was produced by Hay, Sean Dean and Dj Hannahbella with Mutembo Ndeke as the director.
“Marsha and I were very close. We had just wrapped up and entire project together. She wrote the lyrics for Waiting which would be the last song she ever recorded about my adoption and my biological mother which means so much to me. She pushed me to meet my mom for a long time and I just couldn’t do it mentally… so I just kept waiting,” Hay told the Weekend Mail.
“She kept telling me I needed to forgive my mom who gave me up for adoption and felt God spoke to her about it. That’s how her lyrics came about during prayer. I told her I wanted to add my 14-year-old daughter Iliana Eve to the song as it just felt right. Marsha was so excited about Iliana being on the song as it’s about her biological grandmother. I still struggle with Marsha’s passing. It’s just not fair that she’s gone. But I guess the songbird had to fly home.”
Hay is now determined to do everything he can to make sure Marsha’s voice is heard and her legacy cemented because “she was so passionate about her music. It was her everything.”


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