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Marriage strengthening vital

EVERY man will agree with me that men need helpers, wives; not just any helper but a woman who motivates them to become better people and help them realise their dreams. Every man needs a woman who helps him to see the potential and greatness that she sees in him.
Now, if you are a young man planning to settle down, what kind of qualities in a woman do you look out for? Many men will tell you that they want a woman who is God-fearing, intelligent, educated, beautiful, good at cooking and a homemaker. It is very rare to hear a man say he is looking for a woman who believes in him. I believe having a woman that believes in you as a man is very important as it motivates you.
It takes such a woman to pray for you every day to become what she sees in you. It takes such a woman to stand by you when everyone doubts you. It takes such a woman to respect you when you are broke and have nothing. It takes such a woman to be submissive to you, take your advice and instructions. It takes such a woman to serve you. It takes such a woman to comfort you when you have a bad day or the going gets tough.
You need a woman who believes in you and doesn’t disrespect nor insult you. Someone who doesn’t discuss you negatively with others, or compare you to others, one who doesn’t force you to do things to please her. Someone who knows you are not perfect but loves the imperfect you and respects you. Such a woman is an inspiration to her man for how she deals with his imperfections. She is loyal and doesn’t care about who wants her, for her man is the only person she wants. To her, he is the only diamond she has found.
She is not the type who easily gives up or blames her man when things go wrong. A lot of men are in marriages filled with drama because they didn’t get married to ideal women. A man’s true helper has no time for drama because she knows her purpose in the man’s life. A marriage filled with drama is a clear indication that the couple are disconnected from the purpose and meaning of their union.
My advice to men has always been that they get to know women before they jump into relationships with them. Don’t get married to someone you don’t know personally. Take time to build a bond before you enforce a title on them. Getting to know what is in the woman’s mind should be more important to you than knowing what is between her legs. If you don’t know what causes them to move or act in certain ways before you get married to them, you might end up wondering why the marriage is not working.

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