Marapodi: Where carpentry thrives

MUKUYU market is an impressive centre of carpentry trade in Marapodi. Picture right, Ernest Chisike (right) and Alex Zande working together in the measuring and cutting of planks.

MUKUYU market, formerly called Tiyeseko market, is a hive of activity on any given day and a centre of carpentry trade in the township of Marapodi.
It is the main feature of the small township of Marapodi, located between Chipata and Mandevu compounds in Lusaka.
Well, it is called a market when in the actual sense it really is an open-air carpentry factory. Here, the dedicated workmanship and camaraderie have inspired generations of men to eke out an honest living.
As the men chatter among themselves, their voices can be heard intermingled with the din of hammering, plumbing and sawing done in every aisle of the market.
Here, father-son bonds are also strengthened as younger men learn the carpentry trade from older men to keep the tradition alive.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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