Manu Chauhan sings ‘Only KK’

FALLEN founding Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda was in tune with song and musical instruments, so he found it easy to relate with like minds.
Luanshya-based musician Manu Chauhan’s 1983 hit campaign song he composed for Dr Kaunda was enough to connect and establish friendship with the founding President.
Titled Only KK was a song Chauhan penned to praise Dr Kaunda’s accolades as leader of Zambia and recognise his efforts to unite its citizens.
The lyrics: “I’m gonna sing this song, it’s about Zambia, so many types of people in Zambia, the father of this country is Dr Kaunda, he is a kind man, he is a humanist, that’s true.
The government of Zambia is humanist; the people of this country are humanist.
That’s why we say One Zambia, One Nation, One Leader, KK, Kenneth Kaunda, listen brother, it’s KK, listen sister, it’s KK.  CLICK

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