Mansa poultry farmers resort to charcoal

POULTRY farmers in Mansa have resorted to the use of charcoal to mitigate the impact of load shedding.
Charcoal has become the alternative source of energy to warm poultries because of the consistent load shedding.
Chairperson Dennis Ng’andwe said the impact of load shedding in the district has escalated hence those who rear broiler chicken have adopted charcoal as an alternative.
He said business has become difficulty because the cost of running a poultry has gone up.
Mr Ng’andwe said the price of charcoal has also been hiked after traders noticed that the demand, especially from those in chicken rearing business, was high.
He said a 50 kilogramme bag of charcoal is now selling at K35 from K25.
“Almost all our members are now saying that chicken business is very expensive. We have to spend on feed, vaccine, charcoal, maize bran and other costs to ensure that we stay afloat,” he said.
He said feed is sold at K205 per 50 kilogramme bag and one needs nine bags to feed 100 chicks before they are ready. Chicken in Mansa is now selling at K35.
Mr Ng’andwe stressed that poultry farmers are struggling to stay in business because of the rising cost of production.

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