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Man to refund K9,750 in failed land transaction

A PIECE of land a man had received from his prospective son-in-law has brought more problems on him than joy after his in-law grabbed it back when the planned marriage with his daughter couldn’t work out.
Lukas Tembo, 46, is struggling to find K6,500 to refund Regina Sinyangwe, the woman he had sold the land to before his in-law grabbed it back from him.
Tembo, of Kabanana Township, was in 2015 given a piece of land by a man who wanted to marry his daughter.
He later sold the land to Sinyangwe, 57, at K7,500.
Unfortunately, the piece of land was grabbed from him following a misunderstanding between his daughter and the prospective son-in-law.
Sinyangwe is now demanding a refund of her money saying it is long overdue. CLICK

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