Man stabs wife 5 times in front of relatives

AN ELDERLY man has brutally stabbed his wife to death after a marital dispute as residents in Bundabunda village helplessly watched in broad daylight.
The man, identified as Alfred Mwanza, 79, of Bundabunda village, stabbed his wife, Iness Shumba, 65, more than five times with a knife in full view of her family and neighbours.
The incident happened on Tuesday around 15:00 hours in Bundabunda village at the house of the victim’s sister, where she had gone to report her husband’s violent behaviour.
Both deputy police spokesperson Danny Mwale and Chongwe District Commissioner Robster Mwanza confirmed the incident in separate interviews.
Mr Mwanza, who rushed to the scene in the company of the police, said Ms Shumba was on her way to the headman, where she planned to report her husband when he became violent. CLICK TO READ MORE

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