Man jailed 18 months over fake notes

A MAN of Livingstone has been sentenced to 18 months imprisonment with hard labour for being in possession of 11 counterfeit K100 notes.
Yonah Banda, 32, of Nakatindi township was found guilty of  trying to transact using counterfeit notes.
Magistrate Willie Banda heard that on the fateful day, Banda went to a Zoona booth in Maramba township on December 3, 2016.
He found Martha Banda, a teller who attended to him as he was interested to send the same fake money through Zoona.
Banda counted some K100 notes amounting to K800 and gave the money to the teller, who observed that the serial numbers were the same on all the notes.
Martha called another Zoona agent, Allan Chilando, to quickly follow her to the booth so that he could help her verify the notes.
Mr Chilando also confirmed that the notes were counterfeit and then apprehended Banda and took him to the Livingstone Central Police Station.
While at the police, a body search was conducted and he was found with eleven K100 notes which were taken to the Bank of Zambia (BoZ) for examination and later certified as being counterfeit.


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