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Man fined for pregnancy

BUCHI Local Court magistrate Elizabeth Banda has ordered a 26-year-old man of Kitwe to pay K8,000 to a 22-year-old woman as compensation for impregnating her.
This was in case in which Jackson Salamo, the woman’s father sued Aaron Chilundami.
Chilundami admitted impregnating Wendy Salamo, adding that he would marry her and send her back to school as she stopped school in grade 12 after falling pregnant.
“We started dating in 2010 and from then she has been my girlfriend until we had a child together in 2012,” he said.
Chilundani said he met Wendy’s parents who agreed that he pays for damages though he failed to do so because his father fell ill.
And Wendy told the court that she stopped going to school when she fell pregnant.
She told the court that Chilundami told her that he would marry her. Wendy also told the court that she wanted to go back to school and finish her education.
Salamo said his daughter is the one who told him she was pregnant.
“This man told me he will come back and pay damages but never returned, thus my bringing him to court. I spent a lot of money to educate my daughter and I want him to compensate me K15,000,” he said.
Passing judgment, magistrate Banda said since Chilundami told the court that he will take Wendy back to school and admitted impregnating her, the court ordered him to pay K8,000 in instalments of K250 monthly.


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