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Man chases son to impress stepmother

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A LUSAKA man has opted to send his son away so that he could continue to live in ‘harmony’ with his wife, step children and mother-in-law.
When the couple got married, the man already had a son from his previous relationship while his wife also had two from her previous one. The couple has one child together.
They began to live cordially together as a family until his mother-in-law joined them. She began to encourage her daughter to find a boyfriend because the husband was struggling to sustain the family.
She found a boyfriend, who her mother highly approved of, because he would always spend on the family.
Without the man knowing, the wife’s boyfriend would even buy groceries for the home.
His wife became carefree to the extent of allowing her boyfriend to drop her home. Until one day, when her husband caught them red-handed. She claimed he was a client from work. But the husband didn’t believe her and got physical with the wife.
Instead of his mother-in-law siding with him, she supported her daughter’s misdeeds and encouraged her to get rid of the husband.
What was even more demeaning was that neighbours had for a long time known that his wife was being dropped in a Mercedes Benz by her boyfriend right at their door step.
The man decided to move out with his son. However, a few days later, the wife gave him conditions that he could only return home, if he gets rid of their son, to which he obliged.
The man has sent off his 13-year-old son to live with relatives while he looks after his stepchildren.
The wife has continued her misdeeds with her boyfriend still dropping her home. Neighbours and friends no longer say anything but watch the sad happenings in that home.
His mother-in-law has also continued to fraternise with her daughter’s boyfriend saying he looks after her well as compared to her son-in-law.
If anything, the mother-in-law still insists that the man should leave because she is not prepared to return to her home as she is enjoying Lusaka life.
What is even worse is that the man’s son has gone to live with relatives who are barely managing while he continues to fend for children who are not even his.
He has become a laughing stock by his friends and family because as a man, he has been humiliated to the limit.
Friends and family no longer listen to his complaints until such a time when he will be ready to pick himself up and move on.
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