Man blocks 17 Kitwe offices

POLICE in Kitwe yesterday arrested and charged a 47-year-old suspended council employee with criminal trespass after he allegedly locked 17 offices at Kitwe civic centre using key blockers.
He blocked the office of the deputy commandant of council police, office of the commandant, markets office, health office, licensing office, department of settlement, audit office, conveyancing section office, legal registry, director of housing’s office and director of planning and survey section office.
Police were called in to help restore sanity at civic centre and they apprehended the suspect.
Ms Katanga named the suspect as Peter Makumbi, who had been heading a task force at the local authority but got incensed after he was removed from his position.
And council public relations officer Dorothy Sampa described the suspect as a disgruntled employee who was suspended for allegedly inciting bus drivers not to pay levies to the local authority.

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