Mambwes, Lungus, Bembas cement unity

CHIEF Mpande of the Mambwe people of Northern Province says there is no hostility between the Mambwes, Lungus and the Bemba-speaking people.
And Chief Mpande says there is no better tribute to the people of Mbala by President Lungu than the development he was pushing in the district, such as the opening up of the Samora Machel air base to civilian aircraft.
Chief Mpande said this during the 15th Mutomolo ceremony of the Mambwe-Lungu in Mbala, Northern Province.
Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba attended the ceremony for the first time in 15 years.
“There is no development in hostility,” Chief Mpande said.
Paramount Chief Chitimukulu, Henry Sosala, said he saw it wise to attend the ceremony for the first time because it is a kick-start towards uniting the chiefs in the area.
“I intend to meet all the chiefs in the Northern and Muchinga provinces so that we can discuss ways of bringing economic development in the Bembaland,” he said.
The Mutomolo ceremony, which is held to celebrate the harvest, was attended by hundreds of people, who thronged an arena at the edge of Lake Chila.
One of the highlights of the ceremony is the sampling of various farm produce and a locally-brewed beer called chipumu.
Northern Province minister Freedom Sikazwe said there is need to foster unity among all tribes in the country.
He said Government is also committed to ensuring infrastructure development in Mbala.
“We will ensure that we construct roads and continue with the construction of schools and health posts,” Mr Sikazwe said.

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