Letter to the Editor

Malawi case is different

Dear editor,
I FEEL sorry for people who would rather praise other countries and yet demonise and condemn their own country all the time.
Now I hear they are busy praising Malawi for cancelling the 2019 polls.
All they are saying is what Malawi did should be done in Zambia, forgetting that what happened in Malawi is not the same case with Zambia.
They are comparing how many times they have been going to the courts, and yet, they have not managed to arm-twist the courts because they lack evidence of their claims even when they hire the so-called best lawyers in Zambia.
It looks like they are doing this to prepare for yet another loss they are foreseeing.
They are playing on the minds of people. It won’t happen. If they are to win, they should win very clean. We subject every mind of all Zambians to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
There were no such things in Zambia before, during and after elections as mentioned in the 2019 Malawi polls, like duplicate tally sheets, tippexed tally sheets, fake tally sheets and manually altered results, etc.
Even when the opposition took their grievances to every court, their cases had no merit and were thrown out.
Why are they praising Malawi now when they know that the Malawi case and ours are different? Are they foreseeing a loss again?
On those who are foreseeing and preparing for a loss before the game even starts, we would like to say that the people of Zambia are not stupid and can read your moves and do not want violence.
Therefore, stop playing on their minds. Jesus is Lord over this country.
Unless He appoints you, you cannot be president in this country no matter what you do.
It is by Him, the Lord, only, over Zambia, who is Lord of Lords and King of Kings, the Prince of peace and the soon-coming King.
Peace over every Zambian. It’s not by power or by might, but by the Spirit of the Lord.

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