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AT AN age where most of the children focus on playing, Gift Safalanga, 12, stands out as one of the exceptional children in Zambia. She is focusing on growing her talent of designing and tailoring.
In the past her mother used to prevent her from playing with her sewing machine fearing that she would damage it, but now Gift has become her mother’s partner in business.

GIFT Safalanga stitching her future in tailoring and designing.

Gift, a Grade Five pupil at Lubuto Primary School, has never undergone training on how to design and tailor clothes, but her designs would make one believe that she has undergone some sort of training.
Gift started sewing her own clothes when she was 10 years old. She had been watching her mother design and tailor clothes for different people.
Her mother has been doing tailoring at Luwato Market in Kalulushi for 20 years.
Gift seized an opportunity to learn how to use a sewing machine one day in 2019 when her mother had taken a break from her work.
She organised two pieces of chitenge material and succeeded in stitching them together using the sewing machine.
From that day, Gift continued practising how to sew until she started making small dresses for her dolls.
Gift says she is inspired by her mother, Agness Namugala, who has worked hard to earn trust from a lot of people who take their materials to her for designing and tailoring.
“I used to see my mum designing and tailoring, so I got inspired to try. But mum sometimes said I could not handle it and CLICK TO READ MORE

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