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WHATEVER has gotten to women in Zambia needs to be addressed urgently, otherwise the country may be faced with health problems that could prove costly to the nation.
As if the bedroom sweet is not enough, some women desperately help their children maintain their virginity, buying Madura sticks from India which some brides-to-be are using to tighten their private parts.
A sexual enhancer called ‘bedroom sweet’ used by women to prolong the sexual drive in men has hit the market on the Copperbelt.
The stick, which has become a ‘masterpiece’ especially for some young women, is selling like hot cakes with the price having been increased from K50 when it first hit the market to K100 due to high demand.
According to the instructions which come with the stick, the user firstly needs to rinse the wand (stick), then insert it into the private part while rotating it clockwise and remove it shortly before the act.

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