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Mail forms integrity committee

ZAMBIA Daily Mail has in partnership with the Anti-Corruption Commission formed an integrity committee (IC) to spearhead corruption prevention in the organisation.
The main aim of the Zambia Daily Mail IC is to deal with administrative corruption and put in place measures that counter corrupt practices and improve service delivery to the public.
Managing Director Bryson Mumba said Zambia Daily Mail Board and management are committed to preventing and fighting corruption in the organisation hence the formation of the Integrity Committee.
“As Zambia Daily Mail management and Board, we are committed to rooting out this vice. Besides forming an integrity committee, Zambia Daily Mail Limited has also drawn an action plan aimed at preventing corruption in the organisation,” he said.
He was speaking during an inception meeting between Zambia Daily Mail Limited and the ACC to kickstart the Corruption Vulnerability Assessment process which is a requirement for every newly established IC.
Anti-Corruption Commission Deputy Director General Ireen Lamba commended the Zambia Daily Mail for being one of the few organisations that voluntarily requested to form an integrity committee.
She said the commission is happy that the Daily Mail has shown commitment in the fight against corruption in the organisation.
“As ACC, we are impressed with the enthusiasm exhibited by Zambia Daily Mail to prevent corruption in the organisation,” she said.
Mrs Lamba said the Daily Mail is the first newspaper company in the country to establish an IC.
The ZDML IC comprises four members – chairperson, secretary and two others, all appointed by the Managing Director and supported by a secretariat.
The formation of the ZDML Integrity Committee is in line with the Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012, which stipulates that it is now a legal requirement for all public institutions to establish ICs.
Activities of the ZDML IC will include integrity awareness for members of staff and stakeholders, and providing redress on complaints of unethical nature involving members of staff, and unsatisfactory service delivery.
Zambia Daily Mail Limited is one of the latest organisations to establish an Integrity Committee bringing the total number of ICs in the country to 43.
And Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has welcomed the conviction and sentencing of former minister of Mines and Minerals Development Maxwell Mwale.
TIZ executive director Goodwell Lungu in a statement yesterday said  the conviction and sentencing of Mr Mwale will send strong deterrent signals to would-be offenders.
“As TIZ, we do not take pleasure in seeing people going to jail but we strongly feel our society needs to have good leaders who plant good seeds of integrity, accountability and transparency and also lead by example,” he said.
Mr Lungu said leaders who fall short of values relating to integrity, accountability and transparency deserve to go to prison to reform.
“We hope the conviction and sentencing of Mr Mwale will serve as a good lesson to the current government leadership, opposition parties and public service workers on the need to respect tax-payers’ money, public authority and office,” he said.
Mr Lungu said TIZ believes that it does not pay to involve oneself in criminal activities but rather the results are always unpleasant.
He said Zambian people expect their leaders to abide by Zambian laws.
“As an institution founded on morals of transparency and accountability, we further hope that the lesson of sentencing and convicting of Mr Mwale will compel public officers to refrain from engaging in similar criminal offences that  in the end deplete public tax-payers,” Mr Lungu said.

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